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Meet Thomas Burns

  • Member, Nebraska Crime Commission
  • Board member, Bellevue Public Safety Foundation
  • Clerk, Douglas County Public Defender’s Office
  • Bellevue East graduate
  • Metro Community College graduate
  • UNO student majoring in Economics and Political Science



Economic Development

As a new voice for you on the City Council, Thomas Burns has the vision and energy required to help ignite new economic growth for our community.  As one voter recently said, “He’s tough enough to do this work and young enough to get it done.”  That means attracting retailers and restaurants to fill our empty storefronts, and tech companies and entrepreneurs for our vacant office spaces. Thomas knows Bellevue residents already pay enough in taxes, so he’ll focus on growing the economy and expanding the tax base.

Public Safety

We need to ensure our police and fire departments continue to provide excellent service to Bellevue residents and businesses.  For example, when Fire and Rescue operations deliver low response times, they protect our property, save lives, and contribute to lower homeowner insurance rates.


Thomas Burns knows the value of a dollar.  He understands transparency and efficiency are essential to keeping the City budget and taxes under control.  He has the energy to work hard at expanding our tax base through economic development, instead of burdening Bellevue residents and businesses with new taxes like the recently proposed sales tax.

A Fresh Approach for Local Government

Thomas Burns brings a new outlook to City Hall.  Together, we can move Bellevue forward if we get past the personalities and bickering that can cripple our local government.  We’ll create a culture where every taxpayer is treated fairly and with respect, replacing an outdated system where ‘who you know’ is more important than ‘what you know.’  Replace.  Improve.  Move Bellevue Forward.

A Bigger, Better Bellevue.

Thomas Burns for Bellevue City Council